What is a Smart Form?

A Smart Form provides clinicians with the ability to send forms to patients to self complete before, during or after treatment.  

These forms are created within WriteUpp using the Form Builder, a tool that allows you to create your own custom forms using a variety of different fields.  You can also use the free pre-built responsive assessment forms within the Assessment Store.

You can then send these forms to a patient via a Direct Message for them to complete online.  Once the form is saved, you'll be able to view the completed form within the Assessments tab of the Patient Summary.

What can I use a Smart Form for? 

Some possible uses for Smart Forms are:

  • Pre-treatment questionnaires
  • Post-treatment questionnaires
  • Feedback Forms 

What are the benefits of using a Smart Form?

  • Time-saving for clinician - no need to go through forms with clients during session
  • Convenient for the client - no need to have the hassle of completing forms (and not having the information to hand) when they go for treatment
  • Completed forms automatically added to the client record
  • Everything in one place

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