How do I create a list?

Lists are a simple way to organise your patients/clients into groups. 

First and foremost, we envisage this being used for Waiting or Cancellation lists (which is pre-set within WriteUpp), but you have complete control over what lists you set up and use so the possibilities are endless! 

To create a new list:

1. Go to Settings -> More -> Lists:


2. Click on Create New List:


 3.  Add a Name and Description and click Save:


 4. The new list will now appear in the list of lists 😃:


The columns included on a list are:

  • Date Added to List
  • WUID
  • Patient/Client Name
  • DoB
  • Postcode
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Responsible User
  • Comment
  • Days on List

NOTE: These columns are not editable

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