How do I add a patient to a list?

Patients can be added to a list in two places:

  • On the Patient tab of the Patient Summary
  • Via the Active Patient button

Patient Summary

On the Patient tab of the Patient Summary, click on Edit Details to open the record in the editable state:


Scroll to the Lists section, where you'll see the names of any lists you've defined in Settings -> More -> Lists:


Check the lists you'd like to add the patient to, then Save Changes:


You'll then see the details of any lists the patient is a member of on the Patient tab in its non-editable state:



Active Patient Button

The Active Patient dropdown menu will show any lists that the patient is a member of, along with shortcuts to add a patient to a list. 

If you only have one list set up,  you'll see a shortcut to add the patient directly to that list:


Click this link to add the patient to the waiting list and you'll then be taken to the list with the patient added:


If you have multiple lists set up, you'll see an Add to Lists shortcut:


Clicking on this link will open a page displaying all of the lists set up.  From here you'll see all of your lists and be able to choose what list you want to add the patient to:


If the patient is already a member of any lists, you'll have the option to remove them from this page too:


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