How do I manage my lists?

To help you manage your lists, and the patients on them, you have the ability to undertake several actions directly from an entry on a list.

To start, go to Main Menu -> Lists:


Then choose which list you'd like to manage:


The full list will then open and you'll see patient information populated in each column:


To manage an entry, click on the 3 dots in the final column and you'll see a menu of actions:


  • Remove from list - Will take the patient off the list
  • Patient Summary - Will take you to the Patient tab of the Patient Summary
  • Book Next Available - Will take you to the Find Next Available Appointment page
  • Send Direct Message - Will open up the Direct Message modal 
  • Create Note - Will take you to the New Note page
  • Create Document - Will take you to your Document Gallery
  • Add Comment - Allows you to add a comment to the entry on the list 
  • Reset Days - Resets the 'Days on List' counter to 0

You can also export the full list to either Excel or CSV.  

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