How do I add a VAT rate?

By default WriteUpp applies a standard VAT (MOMS, GST etc.) rate to treatments and expenses (which are goods that have been provided to the patient as part of their treatment)

NOTE: You should always check that these rates are correct for the jurisdiction that you are operating in.

In certain circumstances you may need to apply a different VAT rate to either appointments or expenses. If you do, you should add that rate and then apply it accordingly. The following article explains how you add a VAT rate.

To add a VAT rate to WriteUpp:

1. Go to Settings -> Invoice then click Edit under the existing default VAT rates:


2. Click on Add Rate:


3. Complete the details for the new VAT rate including:

  • The Rate
  • A label (if you like, it's not mandatory)
  • If you'd like it to be the default rate
  • If you'd like it to be active


4. Then Save:


5. The new rate will then appear on the list of VAT rates:




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