Exporting individual invoices to Xero

For a step by step guide on how to set up your Xero Export, please click here

There are two ways in which you can export invoices to Xero

  • Bulk Export
  • Individual Export

This article covers how to export an individual invoice to Xero.  To find out more about the Bulk Export functionality, click here.  

To export an individual invoice:

1. Open the invoice you'd like to export and click on the Xero icon at the bottom right of the screen:


2. WriteUpp will then run a validation check to make sure that:

  1. The party the invoice is payable by has been mapped to a Xero contact
  2. The VAT applied to each line item of the invoice has been mapped to a Xero tax rate:


3. If you see a green banner at the top of this box you're good to go, but if any information is missing you'll need to complete it first before submitting your invoice. 

If you haven't mapped who the invoice is payable by to a contact within Xero, this will need completed by using the dropdown box under Payable by, which will contain a list of your contacts from Xero:



If you haven't mapped the VAT rate used against the invoice item to a Tax Rate within Xero, this will need completed using the dropdown box against the invoice item:


4. Once you click on Submit, the invoice will be queued for export to Xero.  If the export is successful, you'll see a status indicator at the top left of the invoice viewer and the Xero icon will disappear from the bottom right to prevent a duplicate invoice being exported:


Clicking on the Xero: Exported status indicator will open the invoice within Xero in a new tab.  

And as long as you've not turned notifications off for the event 'Xero Export Complete', you'll receive a notification once the export has completed:


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