Can I change when appointment reminders are sent out?

Reminders can be scheduled to be sent at the following timescales prior to an appointment:

  • 1 hour before
  • 2 hours before
  • 1 day before
  • 2 days before
  • 3 days before
  • 5 days before
  • 7 days before

You can change when your reminders are sent by going to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication, clicking on the three dots at the end of a row containing a reminder communication and choosing Edit:


Using the When? dropdown box, you can choose when you would like the reminder sent:


You can also add multiple reminders for each appointment.  For example, you might want to send an email reminder 7 days prior to an appointment, and then an SMS 1 day beforehand.  You'd just have to set up two communication triggers using the desired combination of options. 

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