How do I send a confirmation or reminder manually?

Sometimes patients may not receive the communications you intended them too.  For example:

  • You might have run out of SMS credits
  • You might have entered their mobile number/email address incorrectly
  • You might not have opted the patient in to communications before booking their appointments. 

In these situations, you can use your communication templates and manually send a confirmation or reminder to the patient. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication.

2. Click on the 3 dots at the end of the row containing the communication you'd like to send, and choose Edit:


3. Click on Manage Templates:


4. Click Edit next to the template you'd like to use, in this example the email template for a new appointment confirmation:


5. Copy the text from within the template:


6. Then make sure the patient you'd like to contact is your active patient, click on Create -> Message and open either the Email or SMS tab, depending on your delivery method.  In this example, we're going to use email:


7. Click on Manage Templates:


8. Click on +Add Template:


9. Create a new template, pasting in the text you copied above and giving it a name like "Manual confirmation":


10. Save the template, then click Back to Message:


11. On the Email tab, choose the recipient, select your newly created template from the Select Template dropdown and hit Send Email:


12. Repeat steps 1-10 for any of the appointment communications you'd like to be able to send manually. 

You don't have to follow steps 7-10 to create a template, but doing so will give you a template you can use repeatedly for all your patients, thus saving you time in the future.

Once you've set up manual templates, you'll just have to follow steps 6 and 11 to send a manual appointment communication to any of your patients going forwards. 


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