Can I change the number my SMS messages are sent from?

WriteUpp subscribers have the option within Settings to customise the "sender text" that is supplied when any SMS sent from WriteUpp (including appointment confirmations and reminders, and one off SMS messages) is delivered to the recipients inbox. By default, this text is a mobile number used by our SMS gateway provider, like the one below:


But it can be customised to include any text you like, including your practice name or something generic like "Physio".

If you'd like to customise the "sender text" open the main menu and go to Settings -> Organisation.  Under the field containing your organisation name, you'll see an option for Short Name:


You can enter another number or a name in this field, of 3 - 11 characters. 

Please note however, that as our SMS provider is UK based, the number will always appear with a +44 area code and therefore we'd only recommend using a UK mobile number in this field.  Any other mobile numbers won't format correctly as they will be shown with the +44 area code at the start.  

If you are not UK based, you should add a name into the short name field instead to help clients identify where the message has come from.  Again this is limited to between 3-11 characters and shouldn't contain any spaces.  

Note: Please be aware that changing this setting doesn't allow you to receive SMS replies, even if you include your own mobile number.  Your patients cannot reply to SMS messages sent from WriteUpp, so we would advise that you include something like to "Do not reply" in your message templates. 

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