How do I send a patient a reminder of an appointment but not a confirmation?

When booking an appointment, you have the option to 'skip' confirmation messages if your patient would only like to receive a reminder of an appointment but not a confirmation. 

This might be particularly useful if, for example, you have a patient who doesn't want or need both a confirmation and then a reminder of an appointment. 

This can be done when booking an appointment.

To prevent a confirmation of an appointment being sent, but to ensure a reminder is sent for that appointment:

1. Click a space in the diary to bring up the appointment modal and click on Edit details:


2. Toggle the Skip confirmations switch to the right then click Update:


3. Complete the rest of the appointment details then click Save.

4. No confirmations will be sent for the appointment, but you'll be able to see that the reminders are queued as normal by going to the Appointments tab of the Patient Summary and selecting the appointment from the list:







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