How do I send a patient a reminder of an appointment but not a confirmation?

You can use the Mute/Unmute option within the appointment modal to change what communications your patients receive on an appointment by appointment basis. 

This might be particularly useful if, for example, you have a patient who doesn't want or need both a confirmation and then a reminder of an appointment. 

This can be done when booking an appointment.

To prevent a confirmation of an appointment being sent, but to ensure a reminder is sent for that appointment:

1. Click a space in the diary to bring up the appointment modal:


2. Complete the details of the appointment and click on Mute before saving the appointment:


3. The mobile number and email address will turn grey and you'll see Unmute at the top right, which indicates that no communications will be sent regarding this appointment:


4. Click Save. No confirmation will be sent for the appointment once it has been saved. 

5. Click on the appointment in the diary to open the details, then click Unmute:


6. The mobile number and email address will turn green and you'll see Mute at the top right, which indicates that communications will now be sent regarding this appointment. This will ensure any scheduled reminders are sent:


NOTE: Unmuting communications will also ensure that any other automated communications you have set up, such as those regarding a change to the appointment or a cancellation, will also be sent. 

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