Can I add a 'title' field to the patient summary?

Yes, you can add a title field to the patient summary by adding a custom field to the fields displayed.  

To do this:

1. Go to Main Menu -> Fields:


2. Choose Custom Fields from the menu on the left and click on +Add


3. Enter Title in the Name field and choose where in the list of custom fields you would like to view the title (if you have more than one), then click Save:

Image_2019-06-14_at_4.04.04_pm.png 4. You'll then see the new field listed:


5. To add a title to a patient record, navigate to the Patient Summary where you will see the Title field under the Custom Fields section:


6. Click on Edit Details to open the record in an editable state, enter the title then click Save and the title will be populated:


7. The custom field will also be added as a variable to the dropdown Variable list when creating templates and communications:




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